The Iconic Haul

A couple of weeks ago I brought some shoes from The Iconic to wear to my sisters wedding but they were the wrong size so I sent them back and ordered a new pair. It was a pretty tight turn around with the wedding so I decided to send them back and get a store credit. Tonight I decided to put that store credit to use. I really want a new casual light sweatshirt that I can wear in the evening or on days that aren’t so cold. The zip fell off my wallet which I am super gutted about because I brought it in America then I lost in and my friend tracked me down a new one and brought it for me for my birthday. But It’s hard to open every time I need to get something out so I need to sort that. A light jacket for the evenings would be good. I love this style of leather jacket. A friend of mine has a pair of pants similar to these ones and I really like the elastic around the ankle so I thought I would invest. The best thing about The Iconic is their 100 Day return policy! Definitely check them out if you haven’t already!


MNG Tan Sweater
AU $34.98


Hershel Oxford Leather Card Wallet
AU $69.95


Staple PU Jacket
AU $59.97


Defender Pants
AU $53.99

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