Fresh At Federation

Federation has always been one of my favourite Kiwi brands and I feel like their latest season is their best yet. There are two things about this season that I am loving. The colour scheme and cuts are on point. I am loving the earthy tones. The cuts of the jackets/sweatshirts are really doing it […]

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Stickybaby is a hand made clothing &accessories line designed and created by Amanda Litzinger in Brooklyn, New York. I am obsessed with this brand. Most of the photos feature girls which makes me assume that it was designed for women but there’s no reason a dude couldn’t wear some of this stuff. Definitely recommend checking […]

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Youth Machine

I just stumbled across this awesome brand out of LA. I don’t own any of their cloths but came across a link to their website and I love what I see. Their collection remind me a lot of tour merch which is probably why I like it so much. I would expect to see items […]

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Barney Cools

I was recently introduced to a  brand called Barney Cools and immediately fell in love with the kookie simplicity of their collection. The thing I love about Barney Cools is the fact that the clothes are simple, plain colours, nice cut and a piece of individuality with each item. Whether it be an embodied animal, […]

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Spring Style From RPM

RPM is one of my favourite New Zealand brands they’ve got the perfect mix of simple with some awesome patterns thrown in there as well. Most of the stuff on their website is simple colours which make perfect staple items in your wardrobe. All the items I have chosen you could throw with something with […]

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New At Top Man

It’s that awkward time of year when it’s not quite time to get out the summer clothes but it’s just a little too warm for winter clothes. I like to use spring as an opportunity to wear layers. Rather than wearing a thick jacket you can use a couple a t-shirts and maybe a jumper […]

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The Bronze Snake Shop

I was scrolling through Instagram earlier today when I stumbled across a new clothing store. If you’re like me and you want to look good but you don’t want to spend the world this is the store for you. If you’re the kind of person who likes to look good but you’re not really sure […]

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Collarless Shirts

I have always been a massive fan of the collarless shirt (I’m sure they have a proper name but I’m not sure what that is). Here in New Zealand we are going into summer which is the perfect time to hit the American sales. America is coming out of summer which means all of their […]

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