New At Top Man

It’s that awkward time of year when it’s not quite time to get out the summer clothes but it’s just a little too warm for winter clothes. I like to use spring as an opportunity to wear layers. Rather than wearing a thick jacket you can use a couple a t-shirts and maybe a jumper to create a layered look which is going to keep you warm in on the colder days and cooler on the warmer days. I have scouted out some of the new arrivals at top man to help you create some awesome layered looks. Any of these items would go will with each other, feel free to add some layers over or under these items too.


RELIGION Black Knitted Jumper
UK £75.00


ART DISCO Happy Daze Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt*
UK £28.00


Black Ottoman Textured Longline Bomber Jacket
UK £30.00


RELIGION Blue Ripped Jeans

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