Collarless Shirts

I have always been a massive fan of the collarless shirt (I’m sure they have a proper name but I’m not sure what that is). Here in New Zealand we are going into summer which is the perfect time to hit the American sales. America is coming out of summer which means all of their summer clothes are on sale. Call me cheap, call me thrifty I will call myself smart. My go to online store is Urban Outfitters and these are a few of my favourite collarless shirts that are on sale at the moment. There’s a mix of long and short sleeve depending on the occasion.

CPO Denim Short-Sleeve Popover Shirt
US $54  now US $29


CPO Seersucker Band Collar Popover Shirt
US $54  now US $29


CPO Floral Band Collar Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
US $54  now NZ $29


CPO Stevens Band Collar Button-Down Shirt
US $49

4 thoughts on “Collarless Shirts

  1. I’m loving these shirts! And I know what you mean by sales. I live in the south, so we can get away with summer clothes a little longer than our northern counterparts (woo hoo).

    1. glad you like them too! It’s always good when you can nab a bargain because of the climate! 🙂 YOU GO!!! Hope you’re having an awesome weekend! xx

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