Dream, Believe, Succeed.

Isn’t it strange how things change. Your situation, your friendships your attitude, what’s important. Your experiences effect your emotions which directly influence your mental frame of mind. While sometimes we put in 100% effort and feel as though we are going nowhere in life take a minute to think about all the things you have […]

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Don’t Be Sad What People Think Be Happy For Their Misconception

The changes that have occurred recently have been interesting they’ve been hard to handle and they’ve definitely been confusing. When you fall in love there is nothing more you want than to give that special person happiness. Unfortunately happiness isn’t something you can give someone, it isn’t something you can buy and you really can’t […]

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    So often you hear someone saying I’m a failure but really if you’re trying your not failing. You might not be succeeding but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. If you try you’re one step closer than anyone who doesn’t try. Too often we are left wondering what might have happened. Well why not […]

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