What Is Selena Gomez Up To?

It’s not news that Selena Gomez is releasing new music this year but it might be coming a whole lot sooner than we thought it was. Sel Go has updated her profile picture across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook which has fans questioning whether new music is looming. The photo itself is a blue-lit portrait that […]

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Jack & Jack Interview

Jack Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson are days away from arriving in New Zealand. They reveal what they know about New Zealand, what to expect from a Jack and Jack show and share some of the incredible things fans have done for them. Jack and Jack are touring Australia and New Zealand with R5 ticketing […]

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Sometimes in life you come across people who can’t celebrate themselves, they can’t celebrate others and you don’t really need to think about it to realise that jealousy is the only reason. They can’t bare to see you doing something you love, being successful or even just being yourself. They try to rip you down […]

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