Sometimes in life you come across people who can’t celebrate themselves, they can’t celebrate others and you don’t really need to think about it to realise that jealousy is the only reason. They can’t bare to see you doing something you love, being successful or even just being yourself. They try to rip you down to their size which unfortunately for them you can’t even get that low. My advise just keep on doing what you’re doing. The best revenge is success and rather than wasting your time and effort on trying to undertand them or understand why they’re treating you the way they are put your time and effort into being successful. There is something about this theory that I love the reality is I can’t handle it. I would much rather tell the haters what I think and try to understand them although actually they are such hypocritical, unimaginably negative people I don’t think it’s even possible to try and start understanding what they’re thinking. Ok no I’m not lowering myself to their level but seriously I just don’t get it. If you’re hiding behind a keyboard man up and just talk to the person who you’re annoyed with and if you’ve got haters just don’t give them the time of day. Try be nice to them and it’s like a cream pie to the face only it doesn’t taste good. Haters are a lost cause their opinion usually too easily shared through the interent and about as relevant as what I had for breakfast. NOTHING. HATERS GONNA HATE! and we are gonna be great. SO LAME BUT I LOVE IT!

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