I have recently come across a band called M83 and have completely fallen in love with their music. M83 is a French electronic/shoegaze band from Antibes, formed in 2001 by Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau. Their most recent album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming” Debut in 2011 and is the best kept secret since them. I actually only found out about the band because of the movie “Warm Bodies” one of their tracks is featured in the movie and after watching “Gossip Girl” the other day realised there is more to like about M83. Feel free to check them out below. This is definitely the kind of music you can sit and listen to all day. I love finding songs you can put on and just ponder life in general and this I feel is the perfect music to do excatly that.

M83 isn’t intrusive but it’s got enough going on to make it perfect to listen to while you’re exercising or even as background music while you’re writing emails, doing work or cooking dinner. There is something about this band that is inspiring. The music is empowering and definitely evokes passion. This is what I like to call a hype song, the music that gets you pumped and keeps you going no matter what. “Midnight City is definitely my favorite song from the album but check out the other tracks they are in order of the track list from their album “Hurry Up We’re Dreaming”.

The song featured on Warm Bodies is “Midnight City”

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