I have this burning anger inside me that I just can’t sleep on so I’ve decided to vent it. The whole situation arose as I was walking down the street with 2 of my friends. We had just been to a Comedy show of ‘The Boy With Tape On His Face – More Tape’ (which by the way is an awesome show) At the end of the show everyone is given a balloon. We were walking down the street and one of my friends was waving the balloon around behind her head and nearly hit the person walking behind us in the face. I then said “Oops you nearly hit that kid in the face” so that she could apologize which she did then the “kid” turned around and said “Kid Pfft I’m probably older than you asshole.” Which I was completely stunned.

This situation is playing over and over in my head and I just can’t get over how stupid and unnecessary the whole situation was. Part of me wishes I stood up for myself and shamed him out infront of all his mates but I was left standing there just thinking what a JERK. In situations like this it sometimes is better to be the bigger person. It doesn’t always feel like you’re the bigger person but retaliation is the lowest form of satisfaction.

Next time you feel your blood boiling because of some inconsiderate arrogant loser take no notice of them. Don’t let someone you are never going to see again ruin your day. This situation happened three hours ago they’ve probably moved on yet I’m still sitting here thinking of all the come backs I could have used. Well the best come back is the universe. What goes around comes around.

Take It In Your Stride.

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