Another Bridge In The Road

bridge quote

Life leaves us with bridges all the time the only question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we should cross that bridge. It’s one of those judgement calls we are forced to make. Sometimes it works out for the better and other times it just turns out for the worse. The most unfortunate thing in life is missing out on an opportunity. It’s not always opportunities for bridges to come up. Sometimes it’s friendships, relationships or career related. What seems like a healthy friendship can quickly become toxic and before you know it another bridge has appeared. Do you continue walking the friendship bridge or do you need to cross the bridge and start walking a new one? There are so many decisions we have forced upon us. It’s never easy to know which choice is the right one to make but life is way too short to have negative feelings forced upon you. If someone is making you feel bad, your job or a relationship is having negative effects on you life it is definitely time to start thinking about which bridge you want to take.

Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Someone will see your strength and realise they too want to walk with you.

Lets Walk Together.

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