“Nobody Can Take Away Your Pain So Don’t Let Them Take Away Your Happiness”

I stumbled across this little nugget of gold today and I can’t help pondering it. The amount of truth in this can’t be measured. Too often we go through life trying to impress people for one reason or another. I am not saying there is anything wrong with trying to please people. There is no greater feeling than having someone else take time out of their day to tell you you’ve done something well. This is an awesome feeling the only thing I worry about is putting someone else’s happiness before your own. In order for you to please others you need internal happiness. It isn’t just about happiness though. If you’re hurting there is no way someone else can take away this pain. Whether it be physical or emotional it just isn’t possible for someone to take that pain away the same goes for your happiness. There is no way someone else can force their happiness upon you. Pain is healed in time happiness is felt by choice don’t let other people contradict your feelings choose your attitude and go make your life what you want it to be.

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