Natalia Kills Showcase

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Tonight I was lucky enough to attend an intimate showcase by Natalia Kills. I have always enjoyed listening to her music and seeing her perform live exceeded any expectation I had of her. I went into the showcase with an open mind. If I am being completely honest I had only listened to ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Trouble’ so I was excited to hear some new songs and had my fingers crossed she would play ‘Saturday Night’ so I could sing along.

Natalia’s presence is incredible her music tells the story of her life and the struggles she’s been through. I like the realness she projects, not every day is a fairytale, not every relationship lasts and not every childhood is completely care free. Natalia’s ability to relate to people of all walks of life is refreshing. When she walks on stage she demands attention and continues to intrigue, entrance and inspire until the moment she steps of the stage. She is the definition of a natural performer you can see her putting everything into her performance.

For this particular performance she walked into the audience and held the hand of a fan. It’s these small moments she creates that leave people wanting more. Life is all about moments and sharing a moment with someone you look up to or admire can be one of life’s most humbling moments. While Natalia is traveling the world living her dream her realness and sarcastic humour bring her back to earth while her sass and attitude leave you with a real sense of intrigue. It is safe to say Natalia Kills is going to continue demanding attention, sharing her story and continuing to inspire people from all walks of life. I can’t wait to watch her journey unfold!

Buy Her Album ‘Trouble’ HERE!

 ‘Saturday Night’ – Natalia Kills

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