This is one of those statements that reads so true but it’s just so hard to live by. You do everything to try and live by it but it is hard. I get really frustrated when people say just do this or just do that. To be honest sometimes it isn’t that simple. When you spend most of your day overthinking things sometimes you don’t have the energy to not sweat the small stuff and just let go of the things holding you back. Sometimes you feel stuck in a place you just want to escape from. Days like this suck and the truth is you’re never going to escape them. There are challenges in life and one of those challenges is letting go of the things holding you back and not worrying too much about where you want to go. Society has become very fame and money driven. A small percentage of the population actually become wealthy or famous rather than setting goals to get rich or famous set goals that make you happy. Celebrate your successes and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. You want to be an influencer not be influenced. Be yourself, Be brave, Be bold and you truly will be Beautiful!

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