There is one thing in life that frustrates me more than anything. Repeating a mistake that I’ve already made. In life there are things I have done, things I have experienced that I am not proud of I don’t regret them as such but if I could take them back I probably would. My way of dealing with these situations is blocking them out, pretending they haven’t happened and in sometimes even forgetting they have happened. While this is an easy fix and it does make me feel better for the minute the main issue is the fear of repeating the same mistake again. We should always learn from our mistakes if we show remorse then we should be forgiven life goes on but don’t repeat the same mistakes again because your next apology won’t be as easily accepted. In life you will go through struggles, you will be met by hard times, you will have to make decisions and with decisions come mistakes just remember the mistakes you have made. Don’t beat yourself up about them and try to never make that mistake again. Life is short live every day to the best of your ability, do the things that make you happy and don’t be afraid to TRY just don’t be blinded by your past. HAPPY LIVING!

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