Life is an interesting wee creature at the best of times but to be honest sometimes it is easier to just remove your thoughts and emotions from a situation. I am not saying you can just hide the way you’re feeling or ignore what you are feeling but there are ways to set yourself up to avoid disappointment. One thing in life that gets me down the most is having expectations. You think about something so much you want it to be what you’ve painted in your head, you want it to be that amazing but more often it’s not. More often that not you’re left walking away feeling belittled, disappointed and secretly upset. If you expect nothing you can never be disappointed. Go into a situation with an open mind, don’t think about the best don’t even think about the worst. Go in with an open mind and the canvas will paint itself. You will make discoveries and walk away feeling fulfilled. It is refreshing to have no expectations, not having someone expecting something of you and most importantly not worrying about what things might be. You can’t control some things so let it go and just see what happens! Let yourself follow the journey of life and don’t freak out about the little things you’ve got no say in. Aim for the best because that’s what you deserve just don’t be disappointed when things aren’t what you thought they might be. Open your mind and free your spirit.



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