The Other Woman Review

The other woman is a hilarious movie that can be enjoyed by anyone. I definitely recommend it as a funny date movie, a movie to watch with your friends or an awesome break up movie. The soundtrack is what makes the film. I’m not going to lie the end of the movie did ruin it but I’m not going to ruin what happens. I just think they could have kept it a bit more realistic.

The plot is very hollywood but it is realistic enough to potentially happen in real life. I don’t imagine if you husband cheated on you that you would become best friends with the girl he cheated on you with but hey stranger things have happened…

Cameron Diaz is the first mistress we are introduced to. Her character is relatable, real relevant and she plays the character perfectly. The thing I love about Cameron Diaz is the fact that she morphs herself into any character she plays. In this film she is a power woman. She’s not interested in the small talk she’s a quick thinking power woman and she nails the character.

Leslie Mann plays the character Kate who is married to Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) she is the character that gets cheated on. In the earlier parts of the film her character is ditzy, funny over dramatic and a little bit annoying. As the film goes on you really do begin to feel a connection with her. Leslie was the perfect actress for this character. The transition with her character from innocent naive Kate to revenge I’m taking you down Kate is an incredible transition to witness.

The other part of the movie that I wasn’t sure about was the fact that Nikki Minaj has a cameo role. I was thinking that she would be a bit awkward and her character would be a bit pointless. Her character actually provided the main line of comedy in the film. She was sassy and came accross extremely well in the film. I would like to see her playing more characters in the future. It was a pleasant surprise!

All in all I say this film is definitely one you need to watch! Just don’t expect big things in terms of the films ending. I thought it was a bit over dramatic, unrealistic and a bit stupid. Up until the last 5 minutes it is a great watch so don’t let that deter you!

Check out the trailer HERE:

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