Don’t loose sight of today being an opportunity.


Tonight I found myself sad. Sad for no reason. Sad for what ever reason. Sad for reasons beyond my control for a reason still unknown. This sudden feeling of emptiness is here today gone tomorrow. I always struggle in situations like this. I can’t work out why I am sad then I think about all the good things in life and wonder what I have to be sad about. I worry that I am selfish. I worry that I am ungrateful and most of all I worry that I am being a bad person. At the end of the day we all have our sad moments. We all have our down days, mood swings and have to face rejection exclusion and sometimes confusion. Life is full of questions unanswered life is full of reasons undiscovered. At the end of the day our destination is our choice do we choose the road of happiness or the road of misery. Personally I would much prefer to take the sunny road. Of corse sunny days eventually turn to rain but there is no need to let it rain eternally. You too can have your happiness back with a small change in mindset. I’m not saying you’re not allowed to have a bad day because you definitely are I am just saying don’t beat yourself up. Don’t allow your thoughts to destroy you. Don’t rain on your own parade. Life is a journey and sometimes you learn things but remember with every window that closes another door will open. With every moment of sadness another happy one is just around the corner. I guess what I am trying to say is take today as an opportunity. An opportunity to be your own hero. Don’t live up to someone else’s expectations, don’t allow other people to jude you. Live today for yourself. Love yourself today. It isn’t arrogant. It isn’t selfish but sometimes you need to take a moment to remember the small things are good. You might not have everything but if you did life wouldn’t be worth living. Hard work does pay off. Follow your dreams and take each and every opportunity. Use what ever it is you have to inspire, encourage and love everyone around you but most importantly remember you are important too. You too are worth it. ❤ x

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