Truth Speaks. There is nothing worse than someone lying to you and as a result loosing trust in them what is worse is when someone loses trust in you for lying. It isn’t difficult to be honest. I haven’t always been honest and it has definitely had negative influences on my life. I don’t live in regret but if I could turn back time honesty would be the best policy. Think more about things before you make a decision and don’t be so reckless. I don’t believe in over thinking things but deep down you know what is wrong and right. If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. If you do it then talk to someone about it seek the help you need to get through it and remember people will forgive you if you ask forgiveness if they can’t forgive you they weren’t meant to be in you life. Life is a journey of course you will make mistakes along the way. I have made my fair share of mistakes but the difference between now and before is I have learned from my mistakes. Before I was making the same mistake time and time again. It isn’t healthy. You’re not helping anyone. Ask yourself deep down what you know to be right and stick to it. You’re not a bad person if you mess up along the way. Hindsight is a beautiful thing but don’t be scared to be honest. An honest voice has the power to improve.

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