Adidas T’s

The thing I love the most about Adidas is how simple but awesome their t’s are. If you’re looking for long sleeves they’ve got you covered. If you’re wanting something casual to throw on top of a pair of jeans they’ll have something for you. I love all the different designs they have in their logos. I love that they have some t’s that are patterned. Literally something for everyone from Adidas originals!

1adidas Originals Galaxy Trefoil Tee
US $28 NZ $44.14

2adidas Originals Tokyo Stripe Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt
US $64 NZ$100.98

3adidas Originals Box Trefoil Graphic Sweatshirt
US $60 NZ$100.98

4adidas Originals Starry Trefoil Tee
US $34 NZ $53.60

5adidas Originals Camo Trefoil Tee
US $28 NZ $44.14

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