Fedora Fun

It’s no secret that I LOVE fedoras so I thought it was about time to re-open that can of worms especially because Urban Outfitters have some awesome fedora’s you definitely need to get your hand on. Personally I am not a massive fan of the floppy style fedora. I feel girls pull of a floppy brim better than guys and while I usually try not to let stereotypical things like that get in the way this is one instance that it does. Here are my favourite fedora’s available now from Urban Outfitters.

1Brixton Wesley Wide Brim Fedora Hat
US $52 NZ $81.25

2Rosin Wide Brim Felt Fedora
US $45 NZ $70.31

3Brixton Messer Fedora Hat
US $54 NZ $84.38

4Brixton Leonard Fedora
US $88 NZ $137.50

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