How To: Dress For Traveling

Forget the usual rules of fashion. Don’t worry about the fit… the baggier the better the stretchier the better the more elastic the better. Just because you’re comfortable it doesn’t mean that you can’t look good. While you in the air it doesn’t matter so much in fact when I am flying I like to take my pyjamas and get changed mid flight for the ultimate comfort while sleeping. Here are a few looks that are great for traveling.

harry styles

Harry Styles has the ultimate airport look. He’s definitely used to flying a lot you can tell by his comfortable choice in clothing. On overnight flights its an awesome idea to think about a hat. Cover that bed hair with a beanie you could go for a fedora but in my experience traveling with a fedora is just annoying and it’s likely to get crushed in the over head locker.


Kanye is another guy who knows what he’s doing when dressing for an airport. He’s taken the option of wearing a hoodie. This gives you the choice to put the hood up and hide your bed hair if you want to without having to worry about which bag your beanie is in. He’s always wearing comfortable kicks at the airport a pair of Yeezy boosts would be the perfect shoe to travel in. Light and comfortable.
sam smith

Sam Smith has hit the nail on the head with this outfit alway think about the weather in the destination that you’re traveling to. If you’re flying from the northern to the southern hemisphere remember the seasons are opposite. So you will be going from hot to cold or vice versa a scarf is a simple way to add another layer and make an outfit look a little more presentable if you can’t get into your hotel room to change right away.
zac efron

Zac Efron has gone for a more formal approach here. Note the shoes comfort check pants not too tight again keeping comfortable, I know what you’re thinking sitting or sleeping in that jacket would not be comfortable at all and I am totally with you on that one. He could however take it off and store it in the overhead locker. While sitting relaxing in his T. If he’s cold planes have plenty of blankets to snuggle up under.

Hope you have an amazing time wherever your journey ends up!

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