Fashion Inspo – James Bay

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love hats. Fedoras are definitely something I am passionate about. It’s not often you see James Bay without a fedora on. In fact I saw a photo of him the other day when he wasn’t wearing a fedora and I didn’t even recognise him. I love Jame’s look he makes it casual and dresses it up with a few simple steps and nails layering. He rocks the long hair so well and his jeans are just the right tightness, I know what you’re thinking… is there anything James Bay can’t do? and well I’ve spent some time thinking about this and quite honestly no… He’s killing it! Here are a few of my favourite looks of his…

1 This is one of my favourite looks by James Bay he’s nailed everything. Fedora check, leather jacket check, layers check. Such a simple outfit but it really works! 2

This outfit could go either way in terms of formality. Have some fun with colours and patterns and mix it up! But what ever you do make sure you’ve got a fedora!3

Brown suede boots, blue jean/chino and a dark brown shirt topped with a fedora of course. I think the darker tones of this outfit make it feel a little more formal.

Fedora and a patterned shirt. This is cas-formal you could wear it out for dinner but it’s casual enough for lunch as well.

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