Miss Bliss Exfoliating Scrubs

This is something a little different but it is something I am really passionate about! A couple of months ago I attended the nail salon opening and in the goodie bag was a face scrub. I have really sensitive skin so am always really careful about what I put on my face. In the bag was a face scrub something I had previously avoided because I thought it would be too harsh for my skin. When I looked at the ingredients of Miss Bliss exfoliant I saw that it was all completely natural and decided I would give it a go.

Roasted and ground coffee, sea salt, cocoa, brown and white sugar, olive oil and coconut oil.

I wet my face, put the smallest amount on my hand and gently rubbed it all over my face avoiding the eyes. I left it on for a approximately 30 seconds while I turned on the shower, waited for it to warm up and then jumped in. When I got out of the shower I dab dried my face on a towel and touched my skin. I couldn’t believe how smooth it was. I’m not one to talk up something I don’t believe in this stuff litterally is magic. My skin has never felt so smooth. Ever since I’ve tried it I have been using it once a week and my skin has been amazing ever since.

This week I got an email from Mel at Miss Bliss to tell me that she’s made a scrub for men (Yes I was using a girls one). Which got me really excited she said she would send me some to try and tonight I tried it and I love it! It’s definitely a different experience because the ingredients different but again my skin feels fresh soft and silky.

Roasted coffee grounds, sea salt, coconut and olive oil, brown and white sugar. That cool, awakening burn is the tea tree and peppermint eucalyptus oils.

I want you to experience this one for yourself. I’ve got a pack of the original face scrub (for girls, boys can use it too!) and a pack of the Exfoliant Man Scrub (BOYS ONLY! Just kidding the girls can try this one too). If you and the special person in your life need a clean up around the face or you need a little extra christmas gift this could be the perfect thing just for them. Register your details below for your chance to win a His and hers (His & his/hers & hers) {I’m not judging} exfoliant pack.


Check Out Miss Bliss for a full list of products they’ve got heaps more coming soon!


Congrats Gemma you’re the lucky winner this time. Be sure to keep an eye on the post! 🙂

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