Jared Leto Fashion Inspo

Jared Leto is one of those people who can pull off any look. He looks awesome in a leather jacket, in a casual outfit or in something a bit more dressy. The thing I love about Jared’s style is he’s not afraid to try new things, he’s experimental with his hair and he owns any look he tried. After a quick google it quickly became apparent just how good Jared Leto’s style is. 1

This is definitely a more casual look. Black pants, leather jacket and shoes. He’s made this look a bit more interesting splash of colour with the blue scarf. 2This is a more formal look. Jared has gone for a black suit white shirt and no tie. This would be a good look for an evening out. 
3This is an inbetween outfit it could be worn on an evening out or it would also make an awesome afternoon outfit. It’s got a bit more personality with the hat and gloves while remaining classy and elegant with the trench. The shirt pants and boots need to be plane for the outfit to work .


This is an extremely casual look and would be perfect for a festival, going to the movies or running errands around the city in spring.

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