Ariana Grande Slays Celebrity Impersonations

You can’t blame Saturday Night Live for wanting Ariana Grande to do celebrity impersonations. A couple of months ago she spun the musical impressions generator on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Over the weekend she hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live where she impersonated a bunch of different celebrities.

She performed in a skit where she was trying to save TIDAL. The skit was set behind the scenes at TIDAL and when a stream went offline she was required to impersonate the artist of that stream. She did her signature Shakira, Britney and Celine Dion with the addition of a performance of ‘Work’ by Rihanna with the already tired joke that no one can understand the Barbadian native patois.

Ariana was a good sport throughout the skit and even went off to do the Starbucks run.


If you’re in america you will be able to watch the official video:

Outside the US? Here is an unofficial video:

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