Harry Styles Lands Acting Role

One Direction are currently on their hiatus which has a lot of people wondering if the band will ever come back from their hiatus (we have faith). Going from being in the biggest band in the world to just having free time must be an extremely hard transition for the boys of One Direction and everyone is wondering what they’re going to do with their time.

Harry has been hinting at a career in acting for a couple of months and maybe his big break is here.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Styles has joined the cast of director World War II blockbuster Dunkirk – which is being directed by legendary film maker Christopher Nolan.

It is assumed Styles will play a soldier, along side a bung of other young British actors Fionn Whitehead, Jack Lowden, and Aneurin Barnard. Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and recent Oscar-winner Mark Raylance play the grown ups.

A source revealed: “Harry has gone straight in at the top. Dunkirk will be massive.

“He was asked to audition for the part – which will be substantial – and impressed Christopher. This is now a great chance for him to show his acting skills and put himself in the frame for more huge movie roles.”

Other rumours suggest Styles will appear in season 2 of Scream Queens. While this hasn’t been confirmed we remain hopeful.

In terms of acting you really can’t beat a Christoper Nolan W.W.II action-thriller to kick start your acting career, we’re just hoping his character doesn’t die.

This would be Harry’s first acting role and we can’t wait to see him on the big screen.

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