Pink – ‘Just Like Fire’

Pink is one of those artists that just can’t go wrong. Every time she releases new music it climbs the charts. Personally I am not really worried about where music charts I enjoy the emotional connection I have with a song and this is one of those songs which enables an emotional connection. I am not sure what her inspiration for the song was but to me this is that situation that you wish that you could change but you can’t. It’s the moment that you realise that no matter what you do there are some things in life you have no control over and while it sucks that you can’t make things better you’ve got to move forward in your own way. This is that moment you realise no one is like you. It’s a great moment and you’ve just got to embrace being yourself. This song is so powerful. I hope it ¬†gives you strength and the ability to embrace and be yourself.

“No one can be like me anyway” – Pink

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