Fun Gifts At Urban Outfitters

When I was looking at Urban Outfitters they have a little section of Valentine’s day gifts but a lot can be for any time of the year gifts! This section I’m posting about is the $20 and under section. They have a for her and for him section also to help you find gifts for anyone you love, friends, family, and that someone special!

-Andrea 🙂 x

Polaroid cameras are lots of fun and so cool to be able to get the picture in a few seconds printed! They have some cute frames and strings to hang them on for room decor!


Mini Instax Glitter Picture Frame – $6
Firefly Clips String Lights – $20

This is, I think a perfect gift for anyone you love in your life! It honestly doesn’t have to be a significant other! Just anyone you care about that you want them to always remember that you love them! You’d feel pretty special to get this from anyone! (as long as it’s not a stalker!)

What I Love About You By Knock Knock – $10

A perfect, funny gift for someone that has a fancy for a bottled beverage! You’d get a good laugh out of it because come on, the truth is right on it!

Pour Decisions Bottle Opener – $14

A perfect card when all you really can say is that they’re amazing!

ASHKAHN Ur Amazing Card – $6



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