Lorde – ‘Sober’

Lorde is performing at Coachella this weekend but before she took to the stage for the first weekend of Coachella she performed a surprise show at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneerstown California. It was during this performance that she premiered “Sober,” the song that convinced her she was heading in the right direction.

The beginning of the song is a more similar vibe to what we had previously heard from lorde but later in the song there is a temo change which builds on the later sound we have heard from Lorde. I am in two minds about the way Lorde dropped the song. Part of me is saying that’s a bold way to do it if people don’t like the song they’re right there and could boo her off the stage. The other part of me is thinking she is performing to to diehard fans. She literally tweeted about the show 6 hours before it happened so technically it should be all of her biggest fans. For her fans to be there hearing it for the first time live is a massive privilege. They would have loved that.

Well one thing’s for sure I am definitely excited to hear the rest of Melodrama. 


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