‘There For You’

I heard this song for the first time on Friday night and it seemed like a nice beat. It wasn’t one of those songs that I loved from the second I heard it but when I went back and listened to it the second time focusing on what they lyrics were saying I fell in love immediately. My favourite lyric is “When your tears roll down your pillow like a river I’ll be there for you.” One of the most lonely experiences is lying in a bed alone with tear drops hitting the pillow. It’s lonely because no one knows you’re there. Nobody knows the hurt you’re feeling. The thing I like about this lyric is the fact that those lonely moments aren’t so lonely. Somebody else has had that same experience. It’s not an experience I would wish upon anyone else but the fact that someone else had experienced it is somewhat comforting.

It sounds even better when you watch the video.


One thought on “‘There For You’

  1. I know that feeling well, and recently too. Even when you have people around, you still feel lonely and lost and confused. It’s hard when you go through things over and over again once you thought you got over it

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