Ariana One Last Time #OneLove Manchester

When I first heard about what happened at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester my heart stopped. It stopped because concerts should be a place where you can go and enjoy your favourite artists. The most increidble thing about a concert is that everyone is there for the same reason. Everyone just wants to have a good time. Last week Lorde released a song called ‘Perfect Places’ the song is about finding that happy place where everything seems good. There is so much going on in the world that these perfect places are becoming harder and harder to find. The attack on Ariana Grande’s concert wasn’t an attack on her, it wasn’t an attack on England, or an attack on music it was an attack on so many other levels. Every day innocent lives are being lost. What happened in Manchester shouldn’t have ever happened. What is happening in the Middle East shouldn’t be happening. Greed, hate and power are driving humanity apart. We can’t continue on this path. I dream of the day where the guns are put down, where the wars stop and we can all come together to celebrate life. I dream of a day where we can understand each other and live in unison. I dream of a day where there is no bullying, where the keyboard trolls get out from behind the keyboard and go do something positive with their lives. Unfortunately the likelihood of that happening in my lifetime is pretty much out of the question. While it might be something that won’t happen in my lifetime we do have brief moments of happiness. We do for a moment in time find that “Perfect Place” amidst the hurt, hate and anguish those moments are the most precious. How often do you go into a room with 20,000 other people who are there for the exact same reason you are? There is something powerful in that. How often do you see the world’s biggest artists joining hands to show their support and love. How often do we have to prove that love wins before people will begin to truly believe it? Is it time we ignore hate? Is it time we don’t give it the time of day, and just pretend it doesn’t even exist? It doesn’t matter what langue you speak, what colour skin you have, what your religion is, what sexuality you identify with which gender you represent or where you come from in the world. Music is one of those universal things that can be enjoyed by anybody. My dog even wags her tail to particular songs. Music stretches beyond human kind. I think that’s pretty freaking cool. Music is the language you speak when words aren’t enough. Can we look fear in the eye. Celebrate the unknown and realise that no matter who you are no matter where you’re from we are all humans. There’s been enough hurt. There’s enough hate. Enough is enough and it’s time we all make a change. It’s time we change the way we see the world it’s time we change the way we interact with each other. It’s time we embrace the things we don’t understand and walk together. It’s time we stand tall together. Alone your voice might not be heard but together we can be heard.

Love Bigger.
Sing Louder.
Listen Prouder.
Love Always Wins.

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