Urban Outfitters Haul

And back comes the online shopping addiction. It’s been a while since I have done an online shopping binge and as the weather gets colder I thought it was about time I updated the wardrobe to include some sick new threads. I am most excited for the artist merch that I brought in this haul. All of the items I got are currently on sale at Urban Outfitters.

UO Malone Hoodie Sweatshirt
US $29.99

UO Bleached Denim Mock Neck Popover Shirt
US $39.99

Shania Twain Tee
US $14.99

Troye Sivan Tee
US $14.99

UO Retro Microphone Pin
US $6.99

Chunky Plastic True Round Sunglasses
US $18.00

Lady Gaga Joanne Tour Long Sleeve Tee
US $38.00

Mean People Suck Tee
US $28.00

Cross Colours Peace Long Sleeve Tee
US $29.99

BDG Embroidered Acid Wash Slim Jean
US $19.99

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