Katy Perry – ‘Save As Draft’

Katy Perry is one of those artists I have always looked up to. I love her music and the way she always puts her fans first. Recently people have started wondering if Katy is ok and it seems like she is dealing with a lot. It’s easy when you’re looking from the outside in to think that her life is amazing, she appears to have everything. She seems to be living her dream. Like any other human Katy is one of those people who has insecurities. She has those things that frustrate her. She is a human and has feelings. I think that is why her music is so relatable.

Most of the media is talking about Katy’s career being over. A lot of people are saying she is going off the rails. The thing that annoys me is the fact that people are so quick to judge. They’re so quick to write people off. As the Black Eyed Peas said “Where Is The Love?” It breaks my heart that someone who has provided so much love and happiness in the world is now being judged in the way that she is. Even if you aren’t the biggest Katy Perry fan I am sure there is a time in your life where you’ve had fun whilst listening to a Katy Perry song. I guess what I am trying to say is you might not agree with everything she does and everything she says but I think everyone needs to give her a break. Having people ridicule everything you do and every move you make must be the most annoying thing in the world.

People who create music don’t get into the business for the fame or the money. They are performers, they have stories to tell. The fame and money are a byproduct of their talent and unfortunately those byproducts can be so destructive. While everyone else is tearing Katy apart and ripping on her album listen to the lyrics. This is my favourite track from the album. How often have you gone to text a friend, an ex or someone in your family and then stopped and thought about it before saving it as a draft. Katy you’re on point with this one.


Watch her live performance from Witness World Wide:

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