Vetements x Champion Tracksuit

I’ve seen so many people wearing these tracksuits but I have never really known where to find them until now. To be honest I think I might have missed the boat with these bad boys as they’re not the easiest thing to find. I have however done a bit of research and have been able to track down a couple should you be interested in investing. For the full tracksuit you’re looking to spend at least $1,600 so be prepared if you don’t have a Kardashian budget that this one might hurt the wallet. In saying that you will have one of the coolest tracksuits in the world. Vetements have collaborated with Champion to create this bad boy. Click the photo to buy online.


VETEMENTS x Champion Hoodie
USD $850

VETEMENTS X Champion Hoodie

US $607


USD $607.00

VETEMENTS x Champion Hoodie
USD $875

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