Demi Lovato ‘Hitchhicker’ Lyric Video

Demi Lovato is owning YouTube in every way possible today. Not only does it mark the release of her documentary ‘Simply Complicated,’ which you can stream HERE she also released the lyric video for ‘Hitchhiker.’ With the release of the video comes a lot of speculation that this might be the second single.

I am loving the vibe of ‘Hitchhiker.’ It is quite different to what we have heard from Demi’s latest album so far. Most of the tracks have been high energy, high pitch, power ballads. This on the other hand takes a more laid back approach. Not to say it isn’t powerful, it definitely is. This jus goes to show Demi isn’t a one trick pony she is capable of achieving a whole bunch of different sounds.

Listen to ‘Hitchhiker’ below.

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