Selena Gomez: The Friend That Saved My Life

While the news that Selena Gomez has been spending time with Justin Bieber is exciting it has overshadowed an incredibly powerful interview that she has done with the Today Show. The interview sees Selena sit down with friend and kidney doner Francia Raisa to talk about her battle with lupus and the kidney transpant which saved her life. Selena revealed just how serious her situation was being riddled with arthritis and being just weeks away from starting dialysis.

Selena reveals some of the most difficult struggles she faced, some of which were simple daily tasks. At one point Selena struggled to open her water bottle. That’s when Francia stepped in volunteering to give her kidney away when she found she was a perfect match. Selena details the process of the operation and reveals how she had to be rushed back into surgery after complications with the first procedure. The good news is Selena is on the mend and feeling a whole lot better. Her mission now is to raise awareness for an illness that she believes doesn’t get the attention it should.

Watch the heartfelt interview below.

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