Sigma & Rita Ora – ‘Coming Home’

By no means is this a new song but it is a song that I think everyone needs to listen to. If you have heard it before hopefully you haven’t heard the acoustic version. If you have heard it I already I am hoping the re-introduction will remind you how amazing the song is and that you will re-add it to some of your playlists. To me this song is about going home. Whether home is a literal place and you are going home from a holiday or if home is a figurative thing or an idea in your head is up to your interpretation of the song. To me home is a feeling. Home can be anywhere. Home can be the company you have, the streets you walk, the feeling of belonging. Home is a whole combination of things. Home is that feeling where for a brief moment you’re in the right place at the right time. Home is a feeling that doesn’t happen too often but when it does it is electric. It is those moments when you are most happy. We spend our entire lives trying to find our home. We spend out entire lives trying to experience home. When we find it we want more of it. Some people call it the journey of life. I call it the driveway. We’re all on a path, walk up to the door and open it. Welcome home.

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