Ksubi is one of my favourite brands. i’m trying to think if I have done a post about them already but I am not sure if I have. I did however get the opportunity to wear Ksubi to an interview and I was blown away by the fabric and style of their clothes. I find it hard to get t-shirts that fit me properly. either the arms are too long, the body is too short or it just sits funny and makes me look frumpy for the first time in a long time I felt completely comfortable in the outfit which is why I wanted to post about Ksubi today. These are a few of my favourite items that they have released lately. Click the image to visit the Suprette online store.

Superette x Ksubi Dollar Cross S/S Tee
Ksubi / White
NZ $89

Ksubi x Travis Scott Chitch
Ksubi / Ripped
NZ $319

Caring Jumper
Ksubi / Faded Black
NZ $179

Kore Hood
Ksubi / Faded Army
NZ $175

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