What Is Troye Sivan Up To?

It’s been a while since we’ve hear new material from Troye Sivan but it appears the wait is almost over. Troye has been teasing a mysterious new project and it would appear it is going to drop in the next week. A Billboard has been installed in the middle of New York city teasing the project. He has teamed up with Spotify to promote what I can on;y assume is a musical release.

The billboard is completely black and white and features a photo of Troye with a countdown promising that there is something coming in 6 days. The post was made on Troye’s twitter yesterday if my calulations are correct we only have 5 days to wait before we find out just what it is that he is releasing. What Troye is planning to release is unclear at this stage although it is most likely the lead single to a new LP which he will release later this year. He might pull a Beyonce on us and just release the entire LP although that doesn’t seem likely. For those of you wondering it ha sbeen more than two years since Troye released his debut album, Blue Neighbourhood. It is definitely time for another full-length project and it seems as though he is ready to deliver.
Another tease was posted and has since been pinned to the top of his twitter account. This tease is a video which features the word “My” which flashes across the screen. This is potentially the begging of a song title, it seems likely that each day he is going to reveal another word until we have the full song title. Watch this space.


2018 is already shaping up to be a big one for Troye. Not only is his project coming soon he is also set to appear in the film adaption of Gerrad Conley’s Boy Erased. The film follows the story of an LGBT teens coming of age and is due for release in September. The timing seems perfect he’s got the first half of the year to promote the album and potentially tour and when September hits he will be free to promote Boy Erased. 

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