‘All Night’ Music Video

In terms of club collabs Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui’s ‘All Night’ is one of the better collaborations of 2017. The track reached number one in iTunes in 14 countries and could still impact the Billbord Hot 100 if pop radio shows it some love. They’ve just released the video which is directed by Mike Harris and will almost certainly help the song on it’s way to chart success.

The plot is simple. Lauren arrives at a club in a Lyft… notice the product placement. She is dancing the night away with friends when she notices a stranger and decides to make a move. She spends the majority of the visual making her way across the dance floor they are literally crawling towards each other on the floor. When they finally come together sparks fly and they’re transported to what looks like another galaxy. Fairly typical EDM stuff here. While there are elements of corniness the upbeat nature of the song makes up for the somewhat predictable video.

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