Acne Studios Must Haves

Acne Studios are one of my favourite brands for the simple fact that their collections are always so different. They’re the kind of clothes you wear if you want people to look twice at your outfit. While a couple of the items I have chosen to showcase are simple I definitely recommend checking out their online store they’ve got heaps of matching prints. You can mix and match shirts, shorts, pants and even hats in some of the prints. The other thing Acne Studios do well are glasses. Some of their sunglasses are iconic. Personally I am loving coloured aviators at the moment. You can get them is a few different shades so be sure to check out the entire range by clicking the photo below.

Frazer face Sweatpants
Acne Studios Frazer Face red/green/black/blue/pink are regular fit sweatpants with ribbed cuffs and colour blocking. This style is unisex and is based on mens sizing.
€320 NZ $546.08

Howard pale gold/yellow
Acne Studios Howard pale gold/yellow are handmade eyewear inspired by traditional, vintage aviator styles.
€340 NZ $580.21

Granan wash li milk white
Acne Studios Granan Washed Linen white are sartorial trousers with a high waist.
€450 NZ $767.92

Navid white
Acne Studios Navid white is a regular fit, short sleeved t-shirt
€160 NZ $273.04


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