Lauv – ‘Getting Over You”

It’s no secret that I am a massive fan of Lauv. One of the highlights of 2017 was getting to talk to him on the phone. I feel like his music is all so relatable. I like me better was a completely different perspective to his latest release. The track is titled “Getting Over You” Which is pretty self explanatory really. Getting over someone is a confusing concept and I am yet to decide whether it is actually possible or not.

If you’ve spent Valentine’s Day solo this year and a break up has occurred recently it might be worth listening to the lyrics of this one. My favourite verse goes as follows…

Waking up in a cold sweat
Someone else in this cold bed
I’d do anything to not be alone
All alone with the ceiling
All alone with this feeling
And I wonder if I’ll ever let go

The thing I love the most about this verse is the fact that everyone has felt this feeling but it is a very isolating feeling. While experiencing a break up is an extremely personal thing it is sometimes nice to know that you’re not alone. The feelings that you are experiencing have been felt by somebody else.

I think the most clever lyric in the song is “I tried spending my nights under someone new, but the truth is I could spend my whole life getting over you.” I’ve often heard that saying thrown around “The best way to get over someone is getting under someone else.” I guess that doesn’t always work out…

Lauv is onto something with the timing of the release of this song. It’s Valentine’s Day In North America could his timing be more perfect? I think not.

Listen to “Getting Over You” below.

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