Gwen Stefani Las Vegas Residency

Gone are the days of thinking that a Las Vegas residency is the end of an artist’s career. Celine Dion and Britney Spears have already proved they’ve can commit to a Vegas residency and go on to tour the world. Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey just two more names who’ve brought their spin on a Vegas residency. Lady Gaga however is the most recent artist to put her hand up for a stint on the strip in Vegas. Such news would have created despair even 5 years ago.

Lady Gaga might find herself in the presence of another pop queen. If the rumours are true Gwen Stefani is close to announcing a residency at Planet Hollywood. She escalated rumours by dropping by J.Lo’s show over the weekend, later posting a photo to instagram with the caption “@jlo your Vegas show was so good!” she wrote, including the hashtags #eyecandy #inspired #jennyfromtheblock #justagirlfromanaheim. You might be wondering why now? Actually it would be a good time for Gwen to start a residency. She is between albums and definitely has enough hits to fill a 90-miniute show. Watch this space…


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