Thoughts from 2.52AM

Wow it has been a minute since I have written anything like this but as I sit here at 2.52am after waking up for no reason at all maybe now is the time to get some thoughts down, and hopefully you can relate to some of the mishmash of emotion from the past 24 months. […]

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Feelings are a massive part of life but often the internal feelings we have aren’t a fair representation of how other people view us, the things we have done or even what we are capable of doing. Occasionally you will feel like nothing you can do is every going to be good enough for someone. A boss, […]

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I’m not sure when or why it happened but apparently in society today you’re not supposed to show your emotion. How this helps anything I have no idea. The only thing it achieves is creating more uptight people walking around bottling up their feelings on the brink of explosion. Unfortunately it’s become the normal way […]

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