Feelings are a massive part of life but often the internal feelings we have aren’t a fair representation of how other people view us, the things we have done or even what we are capable of doing. Occasionally you will feel like nothing you can do is every going to be good enough for someone. A boss, a love interest, a friend even family. You want to do your best and you want to show them what you are capable of but occasionally this isn’t going to work out well. This isn’t the time to give up or stop trying just because you aren’t feeling great about yourself doesn’t mean someone else can’t think something great about you. 9 times out of 10 you’re a lot harder on yourself than anyone else is every going to be. Next time you’re faced with a challenge rather than looking down on yourself remind your self you can do it and you can do it well. Don’t let life’s fast nature intimidate you. In the long run believing in yourself is the first step in getting other people to believe in you too. It’s all about attitude and if you choose the right one you’re choosing a brighter future. You hold inside you the key to your destiny you’ve just got to decide whether or not you want to turn that key and ignite your future.

All the best!



You’re doing something right already by reading this 😛 Just saying 🙂

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