Pre 2019 Thoughts

2018 has been another wild year. It’s one of those years that has flown by. I feel like as you get older time goes faster. I remember being a child and my grandparents would say “Enjoy this time because soon time will go so fast.” I never really understood what they meant by it until […]

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Expectations are a natural part of life. Life is full of expectation. Personal expectation, financial expectation, career expectation, the expectation of our colleagues, friends and family. Of course with your own expectations come the expectations from the people around you. Whether it be friends, family or colleagues there are certain things that are expected of […]

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Happiness Vs Reality

I’ve had a lot of DMs on twitter lately which all relate to happiness. The new year brings a time of change and for a lot of people you fall out of your routine whether it be work, uni or school holidays things are always a bit different around this time of year. Personally I […]

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A Moment In Time

A moment in time is temporary. They come and they go just like days, minutes hours and weeks do. The weirdest thing about moments is we are so sentimental about them. When was the last time you thought about a minute and though ohhh this is a good minute. This minute is an opportunity this […]

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So here’s the thing I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today and I suddenly realised that each person has things they think about. Each person has things that are important to them. Each person has an opinion. The thing I love about twitter is how easy it is to share your thoughts. I asked […]

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Over Thinking.

The mind is an incredible thing. It is an extremely powerful thing. We put a lot of trust in it. We let it run wild. We try and reign it in… Sometimes we can’t reign it in but you can’t believe everything you think. While your mind is your power, it is your passion and […]

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