Life is a journey, sometimes it feels endless but like every story life has a beginning, a middle and an end. I believe the middle part is the most important. It’s inevitable that life begins and ends but it’s what you make of your life that really counts. I’m not saying you have to make […]

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Past, Present Future

I know I’ve written blogs about this in the past and I probably will end up writing blogs about it again in the future. I don’t like thinking about the past. I have done things that I am not proud of. I spend time with people I wish I didn’t spend time with and sometimes […]

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I saw Miley Cyrus post this quote on instagram today and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I like to have 3 things that I am thankful for every day. Giving thanks for the things you are grateful for is definitely an important part of life. Too often we go through life wanting more. Social […]

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Happy Endings.

I was beginning to think happy endings only exist in fairytales but don’t give up hope sometimes life has it’s way of creating your very own fairytale. It isn’t easy finding love. When you do find it hang onto it. Love requires compromise it requires strength and most importably it requires understanding. Sometimes love doesn’t […]

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Life is made for living. It’s a challenge were supposed to make mistakes and learn from them eventually we will find our purpose if you’re feeling like you have no purpose try not to beat yourself up. You shouldn’t feel bad about it but most importantly overthinking it is never going to help. Some people […]

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A Life Of Trying

If you’re living a life of oh wells you’re living a life of trying which is a lot more to be said than most people. If there is something in your life that is holding you back don’t take notice of it. ‘What If’ is the worst question you can ask yourself. It is important […]

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Start tomorrow today!

I am living proof of this for a long time I’ve been waking up, going to work, going home and realizing that I’m really not making much of a difference. My ultimate aim is to make people smile. I want to entertain people that is what I live for. I wasn’t 100% happy in my […]

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Sometimes in life we need to experience the bad times to be truly thankful for the good times. While the not so positive times are a challenge be thankful you have them, not only do they make you who you are today they also enable you to realise when something incredible happens how awesome it […]

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