Sometimes in life we need to experience the bad times to be truly thankful for the good times. While the not so positive times are a challenge be thankful you have them, not only do they make you who you are today they also enable you to realise when something incredible happens how awesome it is. Life is all about the frame of mind it is all about what you put it and most importantly what you get out. Feed yourself with negativity and that is excatly what you will feel however breathe life into a proposition and everything feels a whole lot more manageable. I guess the main thing to remember is that we all have out ups and our downs and the media don’t report on it unless it’s an A grade meltdown. I was watching an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians today and the secret to reality tv is that they don’t show every situation, if they did the show would be way too long or just plain boring. While the media make us believe some people are perfect and that their lives are perfect just remember Kim, Klohe and Kourtney all have days where they need to poo when it’s not convenient. They will all have times where they just want to lie down and cry. Some times they probably do hate EVERYTHING thats in their wardrobes. Who ever your idol is remember they too are only human just like you and me they have bad days and some days they just feel like crap. Next time you’re feeling lousy remind yourself this isn’t the worst it isn’t the best but one day you will smile again and that’s gonna feel amazing so don’t give up the fight.



So get out there and shine brighter than ever before!

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