Smiley Virus… Is she though?

There is something to be said about smiling. Miley Cyrus’s name came from the fact that she has an infectious smile that inspires millions of people to smile every day. This is something she has written and I feel there is so much truth to what she writes. I hope you learn something from this! […]

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If there is one thing that is going to help you in life it is the skill of forgiving. Forgetting isn’t a part of forgiving it’s about taking a situation for what it is and moving on. Life is way too short to get caught up worrying about the small stuff. Matters of higher significance […]

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Sometimes in life we need to experience the bad times to be truly thankful for the good times. While the not so positive times are a challenge be thankful you have them, not only do they make you who you are today they also enable you to realise when something incredible happens how awesome it […]

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Bad Day?

If this can’t make you bad day better I don’t know what will. The Cutest baby Sloth EVER! And if that didn’t work… Maybe this will. Dancing Goat.

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