If there is one thing that is going to help you in life it is the skill of forgiving. Forgetting isn’t a part of forgiving it’s about taking a situation for what it is and moving on. Life is way too short to get caught up worrying about the small stuff. Matters of higher significance still don’t require too much thought or anguish. The thing about life is everything has a way of working itself out. What hurts today will be a distant memory tomorrow. What is on you mind right now will be the reason you’re dancing in the future. Don’t take the negative from a situation remember the positive and embrace what you once had. The thing I am quickly learning is it’s not about forgetting it isn’t about not caring its about finding a way to continue life. The truth is I’m not ready to move on. I don’t think I will ever be ready. There will always be a place for you in my heart and I continue to think about you every day. I wonder where you are. What you’re doing and how you are. I still care about you. Always is for ever which seems like an eternity but existence isn’t eternal but I mean this when I say I will love you every day that I live. Love hurts in the end but I wouldn’t take back what we had. I wouldn’t give it up. The truth is I want it back. Forgiving not forgetting that’s all there is to be said.

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